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This is a lie.

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Don't believe a desperate candidate's last minute scare tactics and his ridiculous smears of a candidate who has record of leadership, transparency and community service. Developers have asked for a public hearing to make improvements to the shopping center at Shawnee Mission Parkway and Monticello. I think they should have an opportunity to be heard. Mike Kemmling has already made up his mind before hearing from residents of the area or the developers. “I don't see why we would waste our time and the developers' by forwarding (Monticello Village Shopping Center) it to a public discussion,” said Kemmling.  


Four current Council members and Mayor Distler voted in favor of continuing a public hearing on the project until November 27. 


If you want to support a fair Mayor who will listen to everyone and then make a decision best for Shawnee, I am your clear choice.  


Please be sure to advance vote now or hit the polls on Tuesday, November 7. You can find times, locations, ballots and more at


As Mayor, I’d represent the interests of the whole community of Shawnee.

I have serious concerns about the City council’s vote to decrease the mill levy tax, against the judgement of the previous city manager and other Shawnee staff. We must protect against a revenue shortfall down the road.

I am the proud father of a Police Officer. Shawnee is a safe community because of our past investment in our Police, Fire and Public Works operations. I want to continue these traditions. 

Some concerns I have heard from residents while going door to door include curbs and sidewalks in older neighborhoods and storm debris disposal.

I am in favor of voting YES on the Parks, Pipes and Pavement tax questions on the November 7 ballot. This means the Parks and Pipes tax can’t be used for maintenance. It can only be used on park renovations and new parks. My opponent is in favor of using this tax for maintenance. We hire professional, well-trained city staff to run our day to day services. I believe the city council should listen and give respect to the advice they’re given, especially in respect to taxes and budget. My opponent has regularly voted NO on the City budget.

My opponent voted against a public hearing to allow a discussion on renovating a shopping center at Monticello and Shawnee Mission Parkway. He believed it to be a waste of time since they planned to vote no anyway. This gives me serious concern about the direction of Shawnee under his leadership. I believe in using economic development to assist new businesses coming into Shawnee. We’ve seen what this support has done to bring renewed interest in downtown Shawnee. We also benefit by the revenue these businesses bring to the city (Aztec Theater, Mclain’s market etc.) I believe the citizens of Shawnee should have a say in these decisions. I believe this shows the difference in our leadership style.

I will be out in the community listening to residents.

I will return emails and phone calls.

I care what you think.

I ask for your support - vote Sandifer for Mayor on November 7.

Want to show your support?

Shawnee City Council blamed for ongoing staffing ‘crisis’

Kaylie McLaughlin And Leah Wankum
  May 26, 2023 - Shawnee


News about

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Shawnee Staff Exodus
(Kansas City Star, May22, 2023)

A reason Mickey is running for Mayor is concerns about the direction of Shawnee City government. The Kansas City Star reported on this on May 22.  Read that article by clicking the link below.

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If you'd like to donate to Mickey Sandifer's mayoral campaign simply click the button below.

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Meet Mickey Sandifer

Mickey Sandifer is a former Shawnee City Council member who served continually from 2004 until retiring from elective office in 2020. Mickey is running for Mayor because he is concerned about Shawnee’s current direction, and he is again committed to participating in local office to bring forward-thinking leadership to
our city.

Mickey moved to Shawnee in 1962. He and his wife Dona raised four children together and were the proud grandparents of 18 grandchildren. Dona passed away after a long illness in 2018. Mickey and Dona were life-long members of St. Joseph Catholic Church and he remains active
at St. Joe as a parish council member
and usher.

In 2022 Mickey married Kathy Lamas (also a long-time member of St. Joseph parish) after the loss of her husband of 43 years, Jeff Lamas. Kathy and Jeff raised two daughters together and were the proud grandparents of two grandsons.

Mickey currently is employed by Sandifer Leasing, Inc. a family owned and operated complex of industrial parks located in Kansas City, Kansas.

acts of

Sandifer for Mayor WHITE.png


  • Shawnee City Councilmember, Ward IV, 2004 – 2019

  • Shawnee City Council President

  • Old Shawnee Days Society Board Member and Volunteer

  • Shawnee Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

  • Shawnee Planning Commission

  • Past Chair of Visit Shawnee

  • Past Chair of Shawnee Convention and Shawnee Visitors Board

  • Greater Kansas City Homelessness Task Force

  • Safe Home Domestic Violence Shelter Court Advocate

  • Knights of Columbus Council 2332, past Grand Knight

  • Johnson County Transportation Cooperation Council

  • Johnson County Affordable Housing Task Force

  • Shawnee Tomorrow Leadership Academy

  • Christmas in October Volunteer

  • Rebuilding Together Shawnee Volunteer

  • Shawnee Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year
    for 2019


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